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Common Questions

You Ask. We Answer.

Looking for more information about the work that we do? This is a collection of all the questions we are asked most often, listed here for your convenience. If there is anything we didn’t cover, please let us know.


Can I Meet My Boy(s) / Stay Anonymous?

We encourage all sponsors to have a relationship with their boy(s). The boys love knowing about their sponsor who so graciously supports them. We will facilitate phone calls and video chats if/when possible. If you choice to remain anonymous, we will respect that decision.


If I Donate, Where Does The Money Go?

100% of donation money goes directly into boys care. For our outreach this would mean food and water for upwards of 100 boys who join the outreach, medical, haircuts and various other necessities for outreach. For the house it may include food, hygiene products, clothes and other necessities. Donations will also cover necessities for Streets To Success, such as bills and rent for our safe house for the boys, wage for all our amazing Ugandan staff (Currently, no foreign staff make any financial gains from their work at STSF). Any and all donations are all greatly appreciated, STSF is a small organisation and truly every penny helps. If you have any questions about donations or have a preference for where your donation goes to, please reach out and we can make that happen. 


Can I Donate Physical Goods? (Clothes, Books etc) 

In short, yes! Depending on where you live in the world we may connect you with someone else that can carry your donation on their next visit to Uganda. Reach out to us and lets make it happen!

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