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Community Outreach:

 Outreach is essential to the sustainability of Streets to Success Foundation. We must maintain our connection with our boys who are still unhoused. Our program developed as a direct result of meeting, playing, and growing our relationships with the boys living in Kisenyi slum. Therefore we are happily obliged to continue our outreach program. Every Wednesday and Friday afternoon from 3pm-5pm we gather with a group of the boys there to host a program involving games, education, and personal hygiene. Some volunteers mend and sew old and torn clothes for the boys. There is free basic medical aid (wound care, malaria, thypoid treatment etc) alongside a growing trusting bond being created.  We spend time getting to know each boy and when they are ready, we begin to learn about their past and the reasons that led them to live a life on the streets. From here, we aid to provide free counseling and gain a genuine, respectful relationship. The main highlight for these boys is a free meal (however small it may be). The time they spend with us takes away from them being out collecting scrap, bottles, bags, thus they won't make as much money. Outside of program, both us staff and volunteers are heavily involved in day-to-day life in Kisenyi. Not a day goes by without one of us visiting the boys currently on the streets and keeping our bonds growing. We are also lucky to have a staff member be in Kisenyi full time. This is allows us to stay up to date with any medical needs, the mental health of the boys, and the safety of the boys.

Any general donations given to Streets to Success will also benefit the boys currently on the streets and our outreach with them.

Sponsorship Program:

Our sponsorship program consist of both traditional schooling and vocational. We work with each individual child to fit their needs. By keeping our sponsorship program small, we are able to work with each child's unique wants and needs. We aim to not just give an education, but a future. Part of our sponsorship program also consist of therapy and other medical needs. With the children coming from a history of abuse, trauma, and drug use it's critical we give them mental health resources in order to learn healthy coping skills and combat any behavioural issues or mental illness that may hinder their growth into an independent adult. With the opinions of the staff the boys individual desires we pair each individual child and a school best fit for them. This may include, but not limited to; primary school, secondary school, adult education, driving school, mechanic school, film school, school for children with disabilities, and any other schooling that best fits the boys wants and needs. Outside of their schooling and their therapy, we work within the sponsorship program to ensure the boys we work with are most well rounded and educated they can be. We work with the boys outside of their schooling to teach them sex education, personal hygiene, cooking, money management, and other important live skills. We also pair up with various Ugandan entrepreneurs and workshops to teach the boys soccer, dance, DJ class, soap making, gardening, farming, and various other activities. Our goal that by giving the children not only their schooling but life skills, and learn new sports and activities it will give the boys all the tools they need to live a healthy and independent life they are all so deserving of.

Family Empowerment:

Family empowerment and reunification is incredibly important and vital to the boys success. A common misconception is that the unhoused children are orphans. Although, that may be true for some, most boys do have a family. Majority of the boys end up in Kisenyi due to poverty at home and a preconceived idea of a better life in Kampala. We work with the boys to reconnect with their family, this may mean a parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt or uncle etc. Safety is of the utmost importance while working with vulnerable children. The reintegration process can be slow and tidiest, and each family and boys are unique from one and another. We work with social workers, psychologist, field workers, the community and the boys and their families for each case. Family reunification will look different case to case. While we work to mend the relationships between boys and family, it doesn't always end in a rehoming of child and family. Depending on age and other factors the boys may end up living independently away from family, and keep their family relationship to just phone calls and short visits, while others may reconnect and live at home. We also work with each family to meet their needs. We may pay for families medical needs, buy them food, or other necessities. We understand what an honour it is to be given their blessing to help their child and take them under our wing and we don't take that lightly.  

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