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$1 can save a life!

To put this in perspective:

🌿 $1 = 3,700 UGX = 7 meals for our outreach.

🌿$100 = 370,000 UGX = Full support for a family business start up.

🌿 $165 = 610,00 UGX = full support of field work the kids and their family (counseling, financial literacy classes, networking, medical & more!

🌿$1,000 = 3,700,000 UGX = over 18 months of full support of our outreach program (food, water, games, education, events & more!)

🌿 These are just a few of the ways your donations support and cultivate the safety & empowerment of the children experiencing homelessness and their family.

🌿 Any questions please feel free to DM or email via

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