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What you gain by becoming a donor at Streets To Success Foundation!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

When you donate to Streets to Success Foundation 100% of the proceeds go directly to the boys needs. Currently, no foreign staff make any profit off of Streets To Success Foundation. We made this decision to ensure that the boys and the Ugandans we work with get all the benefits from your generous donations.
Some of the benefits of donating to Streets to Success Foundation include:

You get full control of what your money goes to. If you decide to donate to our general funds, your donation will be distributed to food for the boys, security for the house to ensure the boys safety, general upkeep of the house, wage for our Ugandan staff, or our necessities for Kisenyi outreach etc.

We are excited to work with you to decide what you want to donate to – necessities for the house and outreach, or maybe memory cards for all the boys, new shoes, haircuts for the boys, and so on. We can discuss what works best for your budget and how we can make that happen. Once it's purchased, we will be happy to provide as many photos as we can! Depending on the type of shop, receipts aren’t always available, but we do our best to provide any form of receipts and accountability to give you as much transparency as possible.

We are a small organisation where every penny truly makes a difference. The money we receive goes directly into the care of the children currently and formally experiencing homelessness in Uganda. We know the names of all our sponsors and monthly donors. The money donated is a direct reflection of the work we can do. Currently, our funding is minimal, the more donors we get, one time or monthly, will directly and noticeably better the lives of the children.

We never ask for more than we need. We recognise the privilege of receiving a donation from you, and we don't take that lightly. When we fundraise for certain events or ask for sponsors for boys or events, we only ask for what is directly needed. We work to get the most affordable prices for things (such as clothes, transport costs, school requirements, beach entrance etc). Any legal fees and extra costs are paid for by foreign staff and board members personally. We have no financial backers so all the prices set by us, are 100% covering said event, school fees etc but nothing more.

The best way to ensure sustainability and consistency for the boys at Streets to Success Foundation, is to become a monthly donor. Again, whether you’re a one-time donor or a monthly donor you can decide if you want to fund a specific cause or donate to general funding.
We are so grateful that every boy in our house being sponsored!!! This means their education and all their educational needs are met. Therefore, we are currently looking for sponsors to help with their home necessities! Streets to Success Foundation will always prioritize the boys and their needs, ensuring all dietary, physical, and mental health needs are met. We are excited to continue the journey with these boys and can’t wait to see all they achieve in their futures. We hope you join us on this road to success. If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.
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